Welcome to Sales Squared. A Results Obsessed Lead Generation Agency.

Sales Squared are a UK based marketing company founded by two sales guys, with deep experience in the world of coaching and consulting.
After developing online lead generation strategies that were outperforming virtually everything on the market we launched what has become a global sales and marketing agency serving clients in 14 countries worldwide with a team of seasoned sales, marketing and copywriting experts at our helm.
At S² we do one thing, and we do it very well. We build your pipeline with a consistent stream of quality, qualified sales appointments directly into your calendar every single month
When you partner with us, we firstly help you to refine your message to your specific target market. Then we go out and identify exactly who those decision makers are, we confirm that they have a real challenge that you can solve, and then once these leads have been fully qualified, we schedule calls and meetings with them.
We fundamentally believe that every pound or dollar spent on your marketing MUST be an investment, not a cost.
We also believe it’s vital to team up with a marketing partner that puts your ROI first. That’s why we approach digital marketing with a focused sales mindset, because for every business: Sales Cures All. 

Every single Sales Squared campaign offers a guaranteed Return on your Investment. 




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