How To Become An Overnight Success In Sales

Who doesn’t want to get rich quick? Who doesn’t want to achieve all of their goals and dreams now? Who doesn’t want their business to become number 1 in their industry RIGHT NOW? Instant gratification is a luxury that society constantly strives for. When was the last time you became disproportionately annoyed because the internet took 5 seconds to load? For me, it was last week!

A key aspect of emotional intelligence is the ability to delay gratification, being able to trade a short-term reward for a longer-term payoff. Sometimes it can be hard to remain patient, especially when we see others on social media or what not, showcasing the results they have achieved, the cars they are driving, the revenue they have generated for themselves and their business. It is tempting to look for quick fixes to achieve results NOW.

A classic example of our need as human beings, for instant gratification, is dieting, there is a whole industry built upon fat burning pills and weight loss shakes or ‘secret tips to burn fat’. What happens 95% of the time when people invest in a quick fix? Sure they might lose a couple of pounds in the short term – but they have not taken the time to implement the new habits that will create sustained results and generally they will pile the pounds back on in a matter of weeks and be back to square one. Maybe, if they were to take the time and effort to learn proper nutrition and adopt a sustainable fitness routine, they would achieve a long-term healthy physique.

The same is true in business, and in particular sales.


Developing Grit In Sales

When it comes to sales, the ability to delay gratification is essential. This could also be described as ‘grit’ or ‘perseverance’. If you have experience in sales, then you know that it takes time to nurture relationships with prospects and 9 times out of 10, you are not going to ‘close’ a prospect on the first call or meeting. The reason for this is that it takes time to build trust and develop a connection with a new client.

Angela Duckworth explores the concept of delayed gratification in her book Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance. What she found through her research, was the vast majority of successful people possess both the ability to persevere and remain patient. Both key components of delayed gratification.

Successful salespeople know that deals take time, that deals will fall through, that prospects will lose interest or raise several objections before putting pen to paper on a contract. It’s the ability to push through these challenges, and develop the emotional fortitude to delay gratification that will result in long-term success.


Embracing The Grind

If a salesperson becomes frustrated or demotivated every time that they face a challenge or lose a deal, they will quickly begin to ease off their prospecting, cut corners on their lead generation and as a result see increasingly diminishing results. Sales for the business will come to a screeching halt along with increases in revenue and growth. This is not a mentality that creates success.

Instead, the salesperson must realise that the success of their business is dependent on their ability to embrace the grind if you will, the ability to remain upbeat and motivated, even after the 9th rejection, it will all be worth it when that 10th attempt comes through. That is the name of the sales game. Grit, perseverance and the ability to DELAY gratification. The realisation that it might take 10X the effort that you initially thought were required to hit targets, but still push through anyway – that is how to achieve results.


It takes Ten Years To Become An Overnight Success

Now imagine having a team of ‘gritty’ salespeople with the ability to push through the challenges, objections and failures that they face when trying to generate new business. A team that can sustain their levels of motivation and drive, even when deals fall through or they face their umpteenth “I’ll think about it” or “call me in a 6 months time” from a prospect…

Imagine what a businesses sales pipeline would look like after weeks, months and years of consistent lead generation, prospecting, relationship building and nurturing of potential clients. Suddenly, people might begin to think that the business was an overnight success!

It might take 10 weeks, it might take 10 months or it might take 10 years.

But next time you become frustrated that the deal fell through or that you didn’t hit your targets yesterday, remember the words of Biz Stone, Co-Founder of Twitter: “It Takes Ten Years To Become An Overnight Success”. 

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